Friday Favorites: March 27, 2020

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If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through another week! Here are my Friday Favorites for today:

1. A giveaway!

I’m hosting a giveaway with a few Instagram friends for $125. Use it to buy groceries, pay some bills, whatever you want! The giveaway will be live on Instagram at 11 AM (central) time and all you have to do is follow me and five other accounts and tag a friend.

This is NOT one of those things where you have to follow 40 different people and comment or whatever. We’re not trying to get followers, just trying to do something to help out someone (and following us is how we can know you entered!).

2. Online Pilates class

One of my close friends owns a Pilates studio in Edmond (Oklahoma) and while they are shut down they are going to be live-streaming classes for just $5 a piece!

I took a restorative class (more gentle-like) on Monday morning and loved it! You can see the schedule here. It’s easy to sign up and the classes are on Zoom.

The hardest thing about the class was trying to get Indy to let me take it.

He promptly sat down in my lap in front of the computer to watch. 😆

Anyway, if you’re like me and need to move your body for your mental health, this is a great option!

3. Color Street Update

I mentioned Monday I’d be taking the “Color Street Challenge” and I did my nails that day.

Then I started staining the house on Tuesday, so I’m not messing around with this trial! 😁

I won’t show you my pictures yet but I will say that so far one is holding up MUCH better than the other. Check back Monday to see which one it was! 😊

4. Church at home

Guys, I made my dad a YouTube channel! If you didn’t know this already, my dad is a minister and since we’re not meeting for church services right now (or probably anytime soon), he filmed a short sermon (it’s about 12 minutes) people could watch last Sunday with their families.

I think he’ll continue to make some videos in the coming weeks, so if you could use a little encouragement, take a look! There’s only one video there now but I’ll probably have another uploaded by Sunday morning too. 😊

That’s all I’ve got today, keep hanging in there, friend. We’ll get through this all together! ❤️

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  1. Linda Morefield says:

    Thank you for the link to listen to your dad. Made my day! Miss all of your fandom much. Stay well and safe!

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