Friday Favorites: March 2, 2018

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It’s Friday, it’s March, and SPRING is finally in sight! I have never been more ready for a season change than I am right now! That might have something to do with cold and flu season and the fact that I’ve been in my house SO much lately trying to keep Indy well! So, bring on spring! This week’s Friday Favorites include:

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1. This mask

I had some time to myself Monday so I busted out the bubble bath and a new Tonymoly Tomato Radiance face mask. My skin is finally getting back to normal (my post-pregnancy face was incredibly dry and irritated) and this mask left my skin glowing and so soft!

Tonymoly I'm Real Radiance Mask - JK Style

You can get this for $3.75 at Ulta. So worth it!


2. Baby Cat & Jack Box from Target

baby Cat & Jack box from Target - JK Style

My first box arrived this week and you can see the full review over on Splendry. It’s safe to say Indy will be one well-dressed baby this spring! (And hopefully we get to leave the house so people will know.) :)

3. The Academy Awards!

It’s THE red carpet of the year and I plan to take in all the glamour while wearing sweats on the couch! I’ll want to hear all about your favorite looks from the evening, so make sure you’re following my Facebook page. I’ll be sharing photos there!

And just because I can…

I just can’t even handle all the cuteness. Ugh.  :) Happy Friday, and hope you have a great weekend!

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