Friday Favorites: June 29, 2018

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Happy Friday! Has this week felt extra long to anyone else? Maybe it was coming off of a vacation, or just everything happening this week, but by Tuesday it felt like Friday, of next week. :) Anyway, it’s finally almost over and I’m hoping next week I get a little more done! For now, let’s check out my Friday Favorites!

1. Mask of the Week

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Sleeping Mask

I had a few of the individual packets of this sleeping mask (I think they came attached to other masks I bought as a free sample) and thought I’d give it a try while we were in Arkansas last week.

The mask: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Sleeping Mask, Honeydew & Chamomile. You can get a 6 oz. bottle from Walmart for around $6.25 or you can maybe find one of the .5 oz ones to try for under $2.

What does it do? A sleeping mask meant to hydrate skin

Easy to apply/remove? Yes. I applied a generous amount to my face before bed and then rinsed in the morning. There was enough in the pack to use multiple times.

Did it work? I think so? My skin felt extra soft and smooth every morning but I don’t know if it felt any extra hydrated. It does feel kind of fancy to go to bed with a nice cream on your face, so that was nice! And it smells good too! I think this will be one I’ll try again in the winter, when my skin gets extra dry.

I’m going to give it 3 stars, it worked fine, I think I’ll just wait to try again when my skin feels like it needs some moisture!

2. The FaceTory subscription box

Friday Favorites - FaceTory subscription box

OK, I’m gonna have to try this box! Korean sheet masks straight to my door sounds pretty heavenly. I had one of my contributors try it for Splendry and it looks like something I desperately need in my life. Have you tried it?


3. These shoes

I saw someone wearing these heels on Instagram and I’m a little in love.

Loeffler Randall shoes - Friday Favorites - JK Style

Since I don’t have $400 to spend on shoes at the moment (or ever), I might just see if I can find something similar for bout a tenth of the price! Let me know if you stumble upon any!

Have your own favorites this week? Tell me!

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