Friday Favorites: June 15, 2018

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Anyone else slightly panicking that the year is pretty much HALF OVER? I mean, what have I done with the past six and a half months? I’ve got to get it together, friends. I’ve got things to accomplish this year and apparently time will pass whether I’m doing them or not! But before I tackle my life goals, let’s check out some Friday Favorites!

1. Getaway!

Bite NW Arkansas event

I think I mentioned in my anniversary post that Brent and I were going to take a trip soon and I’m really excited about it! I’m going to represent Splendry on a little media trip next week in Arkansas and I can’t wait! Every year there’s a food festival in Bentonville featuring local restaurants, international cuisine, cooking demonstrations, and more, and when I heard about it I immediately thought that this is the perfect trip for Brent! BITE takes place next Wednesday through Friday and we’ll get to spend our days relaxing and checking out the town (and maybe a little bit of golf, since I don’t think I could take Brent to NW Arkansas without that happening) and our evenings eating! I think this sounds like a perfect trip! You can read more about it here, and, if you want to check it out too, I think tickets are still available! They sell out every year (and don’t sell tickets at the event, only in advance), so if you’re in the area, or within driving distance like us, I think it will be fun!

Bite NW Arkansas

2. This wallet

I’ve been wanting a small wallet for a while now, one that will fit into some of my smaller bags. I figured the Kate Spade outlet store would have something like what I was looking for and I was right!

Kate Spade wallet - JK Style

They had a few different colors of this particular style, but I opted for classic black. After markdowns it was under $50, which might sound a little pricey for a small wallet, but I know I’ll be carrying it for a long time!

Friday Favorites - Kate Spade Wallet - JK Style

3. This dress

Black Maxi Dress - Mercer & Madison - JK Style

I had a day to myself recently and did a little of shopping (what else am I going to do on a day off??) around OKC and Yukon. My last stop was Marshalls (in Yukon) and I found maybe the most perfect maxi dress ever. The fit was perfect, the length was perfect, it has pockets, and the back/shoulders are wide enough that it covers my bra straps. Sold! Oh, and it was under $30 I believe, so there was zero hesitation about it! I know Marshalls doesn’t sell online (I wish they did!) but you might check your local store for this dress, it’s by Mercer & Madison.

Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll see you on Monday!

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