Friday Favorites: July 29, 2016

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Oh, Friday Favorites. Here’s the deal. It’s the end of July. It’s still brutally hot. I’m over summer and just want it to be 60-ish degrees so I can wear a jacket and ankle boots. Is that too much to ask? (Yeah, it probably is.) While I’m not exactly wishing time away (in fact, I could use more of it these days!) I’m still looking forward to fall in a big way this year!

At the beginning of the summer Brent and I were looking forward to a “real” summer. (Or as close as you can get to a real summer when you’re a working adult!) We had just returned from Costa Rica and felt great about the trip and were excited about the months ahead that would be filled with fun, summer-y things. The reality was that it was just a weird few months of all kinds of adult responsibilities we felt ill-equipped for followed by more of the same. I’m over being an adult. What about you? Has this been the best summer ever!, or are you ready for a new season with hopefully a real change in the air? While you ponder your level of summer enjoyment, let’s get to Friday Favorites! ;)

1. It’s Nordstrom’s Biggest Sale of the Year

Now if you follow other fashion bloggers at all you already know this! Everyone and their mom is showing you their picks from the Nordstrom sale to grab some affiliate earnings while they can. I don’t have the energy to do an entire post related to it, but here’s the deal: If you like Nordstrom, this is the time to shop!

2. Wedding Dresses All Over the World!

I love seeing wedding ceremonies from all over the world to see how things differ from what I’m used to. This is a fun gallery of images showing the traditional dress from all over! Which dress is your favorite?


3. Tees for Kids

Since we just talked about graphic tees yesterday I guess they’re still on my brain! I think these kids’ tees are pretty adorable! (includes affiliate links)

unnamed (1)


They’re on sale starting today at just $11.99 for regular-priced shirts and $4.99 for sale shirts & free shipping with code BACK2. Grab one here.

The anniversary giveaway runs through Sunday night so make sure you’ve entered (It’s SUPER easy to enter!) Make the last weekend in July fabulous and let’s start August on a happy note!

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