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Friday Favorites: July 14, 2017

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Happy Friday! Another week flew by and somehow it’s now the middle of July! I won’t waste your time talking about how fast time goes by (I’m sure you’re aware), but we all agree that it’s kind of ridiculous that we’re halfway through the month AND halfway through the YEAR, right? Yikes! And now that we’re all sufficiently freaked out, let’s get to my Friday Favorites! :)

1. Love renewal

I go through these phases of feeling zero inspiration when I’m shopping or getting dressed and I feel like I’ve been in one of these “fashion funks” lately. Nothing has been appealing to me, nothing looks new or exciting, I’m just kind of bored. And my clothes lately are kind of boring. I’m wearing the same handful of things constantly and haven’t had much interest in trying anything new.

Finally this week things seem to start looking up again and I find myself checking out new designers online, dreaming about fall fashion, and discovering new color combinations or print mixing I want to try. I have to remind myself that I get like this every summer when it’s blistering hot outside and the main concern when getting dressed is something to keep me cool! (This summer more than ever!) The good news about hitting the middle of July? Fall is coming! And with it ankle boots, jackets, drapey sweaters, and (hopefully) cooler temperatures! Hang in there, friends, it’s coming!

friday favorites ankle boots

2. Maternity Wear
Friday Favorites Ingrid and Isabel maternity dress2
via Target.com

I’m finally entering into a new fashion category and I am totally clueless! In all my years in styling and personal shopping I never once had a pregnant client and my only experience buying clothing for pregnancy was a decade ago when I accidentally bought a maternity dress off the Target clearance rack without trying it on (it looked cute on the hanger!). After debating the odd fit of the dress (should have been a clue), I finally discovered my mistake and quickly returned it!

But now, here I am, purposefully browsing the maternity aisles and trying to figure out what will work for my body and when is the right time to buy! (My doctor predicted my stomach will “pop” in the next few weeks!) Luckily for me, we’re right in the middle of some new maternity line launches. (I really planned this pregnancy well!)

Lauren Conrad debuted her maternity line for Kohl’s last month and now Target is launching a new line, Isabel Maternity by Ingrid and Isabel in just a couple of weeks!

Friday Favorites Lauren Conrad maternity rust dress
via Kohl’s website
Maternity LC Lauren Conrad Off the Shoulder Sheath Dress ($35) 


Friday Favorites Ingrid and Isabel maternity dress

Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel Floral Dress (available 7/30)


3. July Giveaway!

Did you enter the July giveaway? If not, you’ve still got time! Head here to enter! (It’s really easy!)

JK Style July Giveaway - JK Style

I hope you have a great weekend!

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