Friday Favorites: January 27, 2017

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I have officially survived a week of school drop-offs, pick-ups, packed lunches, homemade dinners (aka a lot of macaroni and cheese), and even a visit from the Tooth Fairy! The kids have actually been a breeze compared to taking care of the dog! ;) But since you’re probably not here for info on PBS Kids or Pokemon cards, let’s get to Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

1. The Chanel Spring Summer Haute Couture 2017 Show

You must must must watch this video from the Chanel show!


2. Shoe Nostalgia

If you’re relatively close to my age (mid-30s) check out this post and count how many of these shoe styles you owned in the 90s! I had at least half of them and I’m positive I had that pair above!


3. These hair tricks

Hair is not my strong suit, so any tips and tricks to get some sort of easy style is much appreciated!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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