Friday Favorites: January 25, 2019

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Hope your week went by quickly and you have something fun planned for this weekend. I currently have zero plans which sounds pretty great! I imagine I’ll do a little cleaning, perhaps finally take down the Christmas tree? (Don’t judge me.) Today though, let’s talk Friday Favorites!

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1. This issue

Friday Favorites February InStyle 2019 - JK Style

I’m not sure if I just have been so deep in other projects (Can I call Indy a project? Probably not.) but the February issue of InStyle has me feeling more inspired than I have in a very long time! I’ve been pretty bored with my clothes/shopping lately and for the first time I’m started to see some things I love and get some new ideas! Grab the issue if you have a chance!

2. Fashion (and Real Life?) BFFS?

You know those celebrities and high profile people you follow on social media and you JUST KNOW that if you actually knew this person you’d be friends? That’s how I feel about Eva Chen. I first became familiar with her when she took over the Editor position at Lucky Magazine and I’ve been following her on Instagram since.

She’s now the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram and I know nothing about her other than she’s got cute kids, just wrote an adorable children’s book, has great taste (obviously) and seems like a genuinely nice, interesting person.

I have no idea why I’m telling you about my friend crush other than to ask who yours is? What celeb or “known” person do you think would be your real life friend??

3. Dress Sale

Cents of Style is offering 40% off their new dress styles with code LOVEFRIDAYS. I’m kind of into this striped number. What do you think?

Friday Favorites - Cents of Style

Or that button wrap dress on the left:

There’s nine new styles to pick from and don’t forget, they’re 40% off!

4. New skincare products!

I think I mentioned before Christmas that I was trying some of the Tatcha line. I’ve used the oil cleanser in the past and really loved it so I’m using that again, along with the Rice Polish.

I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar Water to remove my eye makeup, then removing my makeup with the oil cleanser before another swipe of Micellar Water and then toner and moisturizer before bed. My face normally feels so dry this time of year and the oil cleanser makes a huge difference!

I’m pretty eager to try the samples they sent too! I’ll keep you posted on how I like everything. So far, so good!

Have you tried anything from the Tatcha line? What did you think?

That’s all for today! See you Monday!

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