Friday Favorites: January 18, 2019

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Hello and happy Friday! I’m hoping you had a week filled with flakeless mascara and comfy (and cute) shoes. 😊 Let’s get to today’s Friday Favorites!

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1. This sweater

I grabbed this pretty purple sweater on a whim at Marshall’s before Christmas to try and decided it would go back (I hadn’t even tried it on!).

I was going through my return pile (doesn’t everyone have one of those after the holidays?) and decided to see what it looked like on.

friday favorites - marshall's sweater - JK Style

I kept it!

The color is great, and the shape is a little more unique and it’s SO soft! And just $19.99!

OH, and do you notice the WALKING BABY behind me? I’m not ready for this!

2. This Pixi Beauty Line!

friday favorites - pixi rose line - JK Style

The lovely people at Pixi sent me the most beautiful bag filled with their new rose line and I can’t wait to try it! I’ll try to post more pics of the products over the weekend, and show you the gorgeous bag it came in!

Are you a Pixi Beauty fan? Tell me your favorite products! I’m still trying lots of things out!

3. Simple and Sweet Jewelry

You know I love a good statement piece, but lately I’ve been reaching for my simple gold hoops or a pretty chain necklace more and more.

friday favories gold hoop earrings - JK Style

Gold Hoop Earrings $10

Friday favorites necklace - JK Style

Silver Chain Necklace $15.50

Are you into classic pieces or more likely to wear what’s trendy right now?

4. Getting organized(?)

Yes, that’s a question mark. I’m trying to get rid of more and more things this year and not just find new ways of piling them into places!

One of my big goals is to try to organize my beauty products so I’ll actually see them and in turn, use them and not have to toss them because they’ve gone bad! (See Wednesday’s post.)

I bought this over the door organizer for the bathroom and plan to play with it this weekend.

friday favorites - organizer - JK Style

Over the Door Organizer $20

Little plastic organizer, work your magic.

Have some organization tips to help me out? Please share them! And have a fantastic weekend!

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