Friday Favorites: December 7, 2018

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Hello! I hope this week has treated you fantastically. I’m excited about some good news we had on Indy’s health this week (he’s been dealing with Neutropenia for a few months), and that we’ve got some upcoming appointments with specialists to see if we can help get his skin under control! (If you’ve got experience with Neutropenia or severe eczema, please give me all your knowledge!) Other than that we’re expecting some wintery weather this weekend and I’m kind of looking forward to staying put and maybe getting a little work done! For now though, here are some Friday Favorites!

1. This sale!

beauty sale at Macy's - JK Style

If you need a beauty fix, take a look at this sale and save 15% off on all beauty! I did some Christmas shopping for myself (your welcome, family) and found some great deals. Really, I only spent about $20 total!


2. These calendars!

A few weeks back  I polled the Facebook page to see if people would be interested in learning more about the beauty advent calendars available this year. I got a resounding “YES”, but according to my page insights, very few people have seen the posts where I link to the article! (Thanks, Facebook.) Anyway, I don’t want you to miss it, there are some good ones! (And a few under $20!)

3. More Gift Guides!

I’m getting my big gift guide ready for Monday (yay!), so make sure you stayed tuned! And check out the all-black gift guide I did here.

4. These earmuffs

Aren’t these fun? I just saw these online (for $9.99) and they come in this pretty pinky/red shade, and black or silver too. I like them all!

See you Monday!

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