Friday Favorites – Chat Edition

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Hello, friends! I’m going to do things a little differently today, mainly just because I can! I’m so used to being in the habit of posting 3 things on Fridays that I find interesting/entertaining and I don’t want to get stuck in my ways! So, let’s just chat a bit, shall we?
First, how are you? You get to read a lot about things here that I like, that I’ve bought, that I think you should buy, etc., but I don’t hear a whole lot from you, and I’d like to change that! 
It’s been almost a year since I launched my other website endeavor, Splendry, and I will say that it’s been quite a busy/stressful/challenging year! I’m still working hard to make Splendry the kind of site I envision and it takes a lot of work! However, I enjoy this community of fashion-lovers too much to walk away from JK Style! So, no worries there, I don’t plan on going anywhere! 
What I do plan is to cut back on posting a tiny bit here. I’ve been posting five days a week over the past couple of years and that’s kind of difficult to keep up with without starting to provide content that’s just thrown up haphazardly. So, when I say cut back, I mean only posting 3-5 times a week. :) Rest assured, I’ll still be sharing reviews of subscriptions and products, posting styling techniques and tips, providing shopping information and details about new stores, and places to score great items on a budget. None of that is changing! Hopefully by cutting back just a bit I can give you even better quality posts! There are so many other things going on in my life including Splendry and several other projects, not to mention the regular day to day stuff we all have like family/friends and occasionally cleaning my house! (Notice I said occasionally?) Honestly, unless you’re an every-day viewer of JK Style, you probably won’t even notice a difference in the amount of content you’ll see!
One of the things I do want to change is how I interact with you! I want to hear more from you all on the types of posts you want to see! If there’s a subscription or beauty product you love or think I should try, leave a comment and tell me! If there’s an item sitting in your closet that you don’t know how to wear, shoot me an email or message me a link or photo and I might turn it into a “how to wear” post! If you want to start seeing more photos of my outfits (this is how much I love you guys!), I’d do it- but, only if you tell me that’s what you want! And if you want to hear more about my day-to-day life (“the woman behind the blog”-type thing), tell me that too!
I can check my stats at anytime to see how many readers there are out there, but the numbers don’t mean much without feeling a sense of community here. I want this to be a fun place to share style and shopping ideas, and I want you all to start talking back! Sound good?  If so, would you PLEASE leave a comment so I don’t think I’m only talking (writing?) to myself! 
Thanks, friends! 
P.S., if you’re not following me on social media right now, I’d love to see you there too! Find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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