Friday Favorites: Bright Spots

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Happy Friday! As much as my days run together, I can still appreciate a Friday! And I could use some good vibes, happy news, etc., so if you’ve got something good to share, please do! This has been a rough week for my little community. My family lost a very special friend and her service was held Wednesday. Hours after the service there was a terrible wreck just miles from my parent’s home that took the life of another member of our small town. Yesterday there was an accident involving a school bus just up the street from my house (thankfully there were no injuries) and if we can just go a few days without police cars and emergency vehicles flying past my house I would be so grateful. (It’s not looking good, since I wrote this, emergency vehicles have passed my house now on three more separate occasions. WHAT is going on??)

There’s so much heaviness everywhere I look lately and it makes writing about clothes or subscription boxes feel a little silly. So some days, I might just not. Other days I might use it as an escape- a retreat from all the hurt in the world. I hope you’ll see it that way too. A light and happy spot, in a maybe otherwise dreary day.

If you’re having a bad week (or month, or year) I hope you’ll come here (and Splendry) and know you can find things that are a bright spot in your day.  I know I’m not changing lives by writing about fashion trends and beauty boxes, but I also think it’s important to let yourself relax and tune out all the heaviness sometimes. So, I’ll keep it up! :)

I’ll be back Monday with more fashion and beauty posts, more shopping finds, and more subscription reviews. In the meantime, take care of yourself, and if you’ve got something good happening in your life right now (new job? new baby? found some awesome shoes on sale?), leave a comment and let me know! Big or small, I want to hear it! (And head over to Tuesday’s post to enter the giveaway since you’re already here!)

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