Friday Favorites: August 24, 2018

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Happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve had a great week! Indy spent some time with both sets of grandparents which means I got lots of work done on Monday, and some much-needed rest on Tuesday! I spent my time reading, watching Netflix, and of course, partaking in a nice bubble bath. The rest of the week has been much less hectic-feeling, and I’m finally feeling some-what on top of things. Well, some things. Not things like housework, of course. :) Anyway, I’m ready for a fun weekend! First, though? Friday Favorites!

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1. Beauty videos!

Since I had a little uninterrupted time to myself this week, I actually made a couple of beauty videos! I haven’t done a video  review post in a long time, and this one is a little different! Instead of showing you a tutorial or reviewing a product I like, I did a video showing me trying a product for the first time!

magnetic lashes - Friday Favorites - JK Style

I tried out some magnetic lashes to see if they were really as great as I’d heard and the verdict is…

You’ll have to check the post on Monday to find out! :)

2.  This book

Fashion Climbing by Bill Cunningham book - Friday Favorites - JK Style
I just heard that a memoir from Bill Cunningham will be released in a few weeks and I’ll be buying it ASAP! If you haven’t seen Bill Cunningham New York, please do! You’ll fall in love with the late New York Times street style photographer. Apparently he wrote this book to be shared after his passing and I’m so excited to take a look.

3. September Issues

Vogue September Issue - Friday Favorites on JK Style

Do you subscribe to any fashion magazines? After subscribing to lots over  the years (RIP, Lucky Magazine) I’m down to Vogue and InStyle and both their big fashion issues arrived this week. These issues are the biggest (literally – Vogue is around 650 pages) of the year and have me SO EXCITED for fall fashion. If you’ve been around here for long you know I LOVE FALL FASHION and all things jackets and sweaters and leather and boots and did I mention jackets? Obviously, it’s been a good week. :)

Vogue September Issue - Friday Favorites on JK Style
646 pages, to be exact.
4. These boots

All that talk about fall fashion got me off-track and now here I am looking at boots online! (It’s currently 95 degrees out. ) These black ankle boots from Vince Camuto are currently on sale and will be the perfect addition to your (and my) fall wardrobes!

Vince Camuto Fileana Split Shaft Bootie - JK Style Friday Favorites

Fileana Split Shaft Bootie


That’s what I’m loving this Friday, how about you?


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