Friday Favorites: April 6, 2018

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Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! I’ve got a birthday party Saturday for my favorite soon-to-be 7 & 9 year olds (my nephews), followed by catching up on housework and work work. Oh, and the Masters! Brent is a HUGE golf fan, so this is pretty much the biggest weekend of his year! And I’ve actually grown to love it myself!

1. Indy’s Easter outfit

OK, how absolutely hilarious is this outfit?! My sister-in-law gave me some hand-me-downs she had saved and I thought this little suit would be perfect for Easter Sunday! Poor Indy looked at me like I was nuts but hey, what can he do? The outfit only lasted about 45 minutes or so at church before he was down to just his onesie but plenty of people saw him so that’s what counts, right? :)

So the general consensus at church was that Indy looked like Matlock (which I’m totally cool with because I love Matlock), but really, doesn’t he look like Principal Strickland from Back to the Future?? I mean, just in this picture, he doesn’t always look like that, ha!

Here he is a little more relaxed. :)

Babies don’t get much sweeter than this boy! OK, moving on to non-baby things!

2. Beauty boxes at Target

Friday Favorites - Target beauty boxes - JK StyleRecently I was at Target (where I find myself quite often), and saw that they’ve launched some new beauty boxes! They’ve got several different ones, all for $7. I’ll post more about them next week, but check them out if you’re at Target this weekend! I know some of you will be there! :)

3. Noonday Collection Giveaway Winner

Dancing Charm Bracelet - Noonday Collection - JK Style

Congratulations to Traci A.! She’s the winner of the charm bracelet! Traci, I’ll be in touch to get your mailing address! Thanks to all who entered! Look for another giveaway soon!

4. Red Carpet Premiere!

Lazy Circles OKC Premiere - JK Style

Just another reminder, if you’re in the OKC area, please come out to see my brother’s TV pilot he made! It’s showing at the Tower Theater, April 17. You get more details here.

See you on Monday! Have a great weekend!

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