Friday Favorites: April 19, 2019

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Welcome to another addition to Friday Favorites, where I list a handful of things that I’m loving this week. Usually al beauty/fashion related, but I occasionally get distracted. (See #2 this week.) Let’s go!

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1. At-home styling services

Thinking about packing for Austin next week got me realizing I wanted to try a few new things but had zero time to go shop in person. Plus, shopping with my little helper isn’t quite as quick!

I remembered I had some credits for both StitchFix and Wantable so I ordered boxes of both. Then I remembered I had a gift card for Evereve so I ordered a Trendsend box.

Unfortunately the StitchFix box won’t get here until after I leave but I’ll still check it out to see if there are things I just have to have! (I’ve got some credits to spend, you know!)

I’ll try everything on and share when it all arrives! Yay for modern shopping!

2. Indy hunting eggs

This wasn’t Indy’s first egg hunt, but the first he was walking on his own so it was much more fun. :)

He was more interested in picking up the rocks but I got a few pictures so whatever.

3. Wearing maternity dresses when I’m NOT pregnant

I was trying to find something to wear for my “plaids or stripes” prompt for my April style challenge on Instagram and all my striped stuff (which consists of two tees) were dirty. I own no plaid and was determined to find something that would work!

I remembered this striped maternity dress I had received from Pink Blush and knew it was more loose-fitting that maternity-looking and sure enough, it worked great!

I added a belt to mix things up a bit, and I like the green accent. This dress is still available at PinkBlush, so pregnant or not, you can still pick one up! :)

4. This jumpsuit

I think this is soooo adorable. So adorable, in fact, that I bought it. Unfortunately it just doesn’t fit me right, but I still think it’s cute for someone else!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

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