Friday Favorites: Actually, I Can Necklace

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What’s your biggest dream? Not like winning billions of dollars in the lottery kind of dream, but a real life, hard work required, big fat dream. Is it to finish your degree? Start a non-profit? Start a family? Overcome a barrier or hardship in your life? I want you to really think about this. Forget startup costs and draining day-jobs and picture yourself at the dream finish line. Where are you? And how did you get there?

When it comes to success and reaching goals and hitting milestones, I don’t really feel qualified to  give advice. My dreams are real. And big. And sometimes it seems like every time I nudge a little closer to my goals I get pushed a little further back in return. It can be draining, this dream business. Especially when others don’t understand or appreciate what you feel in your soul you have to do. Chasing dreams can be lonely.

Today though, I’m waking up with resolve to try again. To keep pushing forward, knowing I’m closer than I was yesterday. To find confidence in myself – even if I have to dig really, really hard to find it. To trust my gut and my heart and believe that actually, I can.

Actually, I can. 

Anytime I read those words it’s a reminder that though it may not feel like it at times, I can. And I will.

Actually, I Can Necklace from Cents of Style

When I saw this Actually, I Can necklace I knew I needed it as a physical reminder to keep pressing on. That one day I’ll look back and see the path I took and it will (hopefully!) make some sense. And the reward will be even sweeter.

Tribe necklaces are on sale right now at Cents of Style for only $11.99 with FREE shipping with code TRIBE4. You can grab your own here.

Actually, I Can necklace and other tribe necklaces for sale at Cents of Style

Actually, I Can Necklace and Radiate Necklace

*I received these necklaces for free and this post includes an affiliate link. All opinions are my own!*

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