Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday, friends! I hope you’re having a great week! Just a quick note, I’m working on some changes to my website so you may notice some things that look a little off! No worries, they’ll be fixed soon!

Here are my Friday Favorites for today:


1. These hangers!

Not long ago as I was doing a closet clean-out I was thinking about wasted hanger space. I’m not talking about skinny velvet hangers versus plastic or wooden hangers, but about the space at the top of the hanger. The clothes on my top bar are always hanging down over the lower bar (and consequently getting snagged on the lower hangers, etc.) Somehow I came across this company called Higher Hangers AND THEY MAKE SO MUCH SENSE!


Just by changing the position of the actual hanger you’re gaining serious inches in your closet! See the comparison between a normal hanger and a Higher Hanger:



HOW has no one thought of this before?? There’s currently a Kickstarter going on to back Higher Hangers, which I’ve already contributed to. Not only can a donation get you some of these hangers, but you can get them at a discounted rate!


2. The power of makeup!


Even if you’re not a huge fan of makeup, you need to check out these before and after photos! (Make sure you take advantage of using the slider on each to get the full effect!) Pretty cool!


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