Friday Favorites

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I’m very happy 1) that it’s Friday, and 2) that you’re here! I hope this is the start of a great weekend for you! Let’s get to my Friday Favorites!
1. The weather
We’ve had a beautiful week of warmer temperatures and my spring clothes are tempting me! I’m already thinking about storing the boots and doing a little shoe shopping to celebrate the return of spring! (Which means that once I do we’ll have a freak blizzard.)




2. More hair advice!

hair dead or alive

For those wondering still if hair is dead or alive, the answer is here! I love seeing what Andrea has to say about hair, she knows what she’s talking about!


3. A new moneymaker

poshmark label

Raise your hand if you have stuff hanging in your closet that you don’t wear. I’m right there with you! Well, I was, but I did a MAJOR closet clean out a couple of weeks ago! Now I’ve got a couple of big bags to donate and a bag of things that I’m going to try to sell. I started using Poshmark and have had some good success! It’s pretty simple:
  1. Download the Poshmark app on your phone
  2. Photograph and upload a few photos of the item you want to sell
  3. Give a description and set your asking price.
  4. People can buy directly or make an offer (which you can choose to accept, decline, or counter.)
  5. Once an item sells, you get an email from Poshmark with a shipping label (that’s right, you don’t pay shipping!).
  6. Box up your item, add the shipping label, drop it in the mailbox.
  7. Once your item arrives, you get paid! 
I’ve already sold three things and made over $60 just on items that were taking up space in my closet! (And I haven’t even added all my new stuff yet!) The other fun part is that you can shop other people’s closets too! If you have an account, look me up – jkstyle1 and I’ll make sure to follow your closet too! If you want to give Poshmark a try, use code BPJFY to get a $10 credit towards your first purchase! There’s a little more info over on an article I wrote for Splendry here too!
My latest sale!


4. Sign up!

email list

Make sure you check out yesterday’s post! Not only am I giving you all the reasons you need to be on my weekly newsletter list, I’m also sharing ALL the coupon codes and sales you need to know about this weekend!


Have a great weekend!

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