Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week so far and have an even better weekend! Here are my Friday Favorites for this week!


1. I made it to Target!

I was dying to check out the WhoWhatWear collection at Target and the one closest to my house of course did not carry it! I finally made a trip on Tuesday afternoon and picked up a few items including this polka dot skirt and blue linen top on the right! Overall, the line looks great and it’s worth checking out! I might still go back for the black dress (in the middle). It fit a little baggy so maybe I can find another size!


2. Wear red!
Today’s National Wear Red Day so make sure you’re set!

3. Forget date night!


I mean, unless you really want to. If a girl’s night sounds like a better plan for Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas from a Splendry post I did last year!
  • Girl’s night out: you can go for the traditional dinner and a movie or try one of those group painting classes or a concert.
  • Girl’s night in: Plan a potluck dinner and have friends come for movies, board games, crafts, or a spa night. (You can hit up the drugstore for nail polishes, facial masks, etc.) Or a couple of my favorite ideas:
    • Plan a “favorite things” party: Inviting five guests? Have each guest bring six of one of their favorite items (lipgloss, candle, candy, etc.). Every guest gets to go home with a gift basket of fun stuff! And if you want to take it back to grade-school days, have everyone decorate a paper bag to carry home their goodies!
    • Plan a clothing swap: Have friends bring items from their closet they no longer want and take turns choosing clothes to take home. A great way to clean out your closet and get some new threads!
Have a great weekend, friends! Don’t forget to check out my Under $40 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! (There’s some good stuff!!)

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