Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday! Let’s get straight to Friday Favorites, shall we?
1. A Winter Hair Fix


I chopped off several inches from my hair a couple of weeks back and one thing lead to another and my stylist is now writing for Splendry (my other website, in case you forgot). I’m super excited to have Andrea contributing and her first article is JUST what your winter hair needs! Check it out!


2. A Lip Fix
lip serum
I’ve written quite a bit about my issues with my lips and I *think* I’ve finally found a solution. I’m in the midst of a month long trial of a couple of lip products and, well, they’re quite possibly the best that I’ve EVER TRIED. (And I’ve tried a lot!!) I’m going to be posting a full review soon, so stay tuned!!
3. This Article
Cleaning your makeup brushes may not sound like the funnest way to spend your time, but it’s pretty necessary! Aren’t sure where to start? This should help!
That’s all I’ve got today, have a great weekend!!

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