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Happy Friday, friends! Three things I’m happy about- 1) It’s Friday, 2) I might actually get some Christmas shopping done this weekend, and 3) I might do some Christmas shopping for myself this weekend. (That’s usually how I roll. One gift for someone, one gift for myself, and so on.)
My Friday Favorites for the week:
1. This dress:


This was one of my only Black Friday weekend purchases from Milk and Honey Boutique. Personally I’m a little over all the fringe and western/tribal print stuff that is EVERYWHERE so I was happy to find a boutique online that has some items I like! I thought this dress was fun (and only $25!!) and ordered it in a size large hoping it might work (it’s slim cut and thinner material.) It did! There are still a few size larges left if you’re interested!


2. What’s your state’s favorite polish?


It may not be entirely scientifically accurate, but these are the most searched for nail polish shades by color according to Polyvore. Apparently we’re looking for gray here in Oklahoma! What about you?


3. The strapless bra of my dreams?


As a rather busty girl my personal style doesn’t always work with, well, my chest. I love wearing long over-sized tops and slim flowy shirts but with a regular bra? Well, I just look pregnant usually. (Not what I’m going for.) I’ve resorted to wearing a strapless bra quite often over the past few years as it gives me the flatter look I want, and allows me to wear more items with sheer shoulders or really any item where I’d prefer not to show a bra strap! Of course on the downside, not much support. I just read about this new strapless bra that sounds pretty amazing! 
Not only is it supposed to give you support and coverage (no matter your cup size), they say it won’t slide down! You can order one here. Considering all bras I buy are crazy expensive (one of the other downsides of being busty), that sounds pretty great! Band sizes run from 30-40 and cups from B-F.

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