Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday, friends! Up this week for Friday Favorites:
1. It’s Fashion Week!


Pretty much my favorite week of the year! I’ll give you an update next week on what’s in store for us with all the new designs coming down the runway!
2. Oklahoma Fashion Week


Oklahoma Fashion Week is back and events start next week. This year things have been moved to Tulsa and they kind of coincide with my vacation plans so I don’t think I’ll be as involved this time around. I’ll give you some photos and updates next week though I’m sure! More details on events here
3. Au revoir!
I’m off on vacation! To Paris!!
iphone backup photos jan 2015 095
I know, I kind of hate me too right now. Paris is my absolute favorite city in the world and I’m so excited to be going back!! I chose someone at random from those who guessed on the earlier post and the winner was Megan M. (who actually guessed correctly)! Congrats, Megan! You just earned yourself a souvenir!
If you think I’m not going to be doing another giveaway of some Paris goodies when I get back you’d be wrong! So stay tuned!
See you all next week! I’m off to do some SERIOUS SHOPPING!

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  1. Wahoo!!!! That’s me!!!!

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