Friday Favorites

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Yay for Friday! Let’s get right to our Friday Favorites.
1. H&M opened


We came. We saw. We shopped. And I’ll give you a full review on Monday! 

H&M OKC Grand Opening clothing display


2. This giveaway


There is still time to enter to win a gift card to Versona and a pair of earrings! See the original post to enter here. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday!


3. Vacations and a “Mystery” giveaway!
Guys, I’m going on vacation soon. And it can’t come soon enough! This isn’t just a road trip or relaxing weekend away…it’s kind of big and I am SO EXCITED! I will tell you all about where I’m going next week! Any guesses?? For everyone who guesses I’ll choose one person at random to win! (Family and close friends, you’re excluded from this one since you probably already know!) Leave your guess in the comments by Wednesday night and I’ll announce the winner on Friday!

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  1. Shelley Gaus says:


  2. Europe!

  3. Stephanie Coldwell says:


  4. Greece

  5. Spain?!

  6. Rachel says:


  7. Jamie Caves says:

    Chicago! :)

  8. Cindy Barker says:

    New York

  9. Jill McHale says:


  10. Nichole says:


  11. Megan McClure says:


  12. Paris & London & beautiful Europe! ❤️

  13. Traci Moore says:


  14. Hawaii?

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