Friday Favorites

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 My Friday Favorites for the week!
1. Shoe Repair
When you love shoes like I do, it’s kind of traumatic when a shoe gets a little too worn or breaks. Like a tiny, silent death. (Is that dramatic enough?) These shoe repair tips from Real Simple are pretty much lifesavers! From worn soles to broken heels, they’ve got a solution!
2. This swimsuit


Have you seen this review on Splendry, yet? How adorable is this retro swimsuit? Plus, it’s only $25!
3. New perfume
I’ve been trying to find a new scent to add to my (small) collection of perfume and think I’ve finally found the one. I’m a little particular, obviously, so it’s been a tough search! I tend to wear DKNY Be Delicious when I wear perfume and recently added Kate Spade Live Colorfully. The new scent that’s caught my attention? 
Chanel Chance Eau Vive


With a tinge of grapefruit, this is still light and sweet enough for my taste but still feels really rich and deep. I wish I could let you smell this through the computer, but you’re going to have to go to a department store or pick up a magazine with a sample inside! Tell me what you think of it!
 Have a great weekend!

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