Friday Favorites

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Happy Easter weekend! Any egg hunting plans? I’m excited for dying eggs with my nephews on Saturday, church, lunch and egg hunts with the family on Sunday, and my nephews’ joint birthday party Monday night. (They’re kind of taking over my weekend. Good thing they’re cute and awesome!) My Friday Favorites for the week:

1. Stylish Surprises

stylish surprise modcloth


ModCloth is back with their Stylish Surprises (for a limited time!) You can choose between a $15 apparel surprise or a $20 dress surprise. Simply choose your size and wait for your surprise! Get yours before they sell out. (Just FYI, I ordered the $15 surprise! I’ll let you know what I get!)


2. New jewelry

rocksbox jewelry

Did you see my Rocksbox post earlier this week? My second box is on it’s way and I can’t wait to see what’s inside! Seriously, try this out if you’re the least bit curious. (You can try a full month of Rocksbox for FREE with my code: JAMIEBFF170)


3. The Return of Mad Men

mad men


Mad Men is back Sunday night for the final seven episodes and I’m excited to see where things pick up. Based on the photos that have been released, I’d say it’s obvious the fashion is changing! 

Happy Easter, hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

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