Friday Favorites

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What are you loving this week? Here’s my list:
1. These cookies:


Easy Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe


Super delicious and way easy (3 ingredients, if you don’t count the chocolate kisses!).


2. This video: 
You’ve probably seen this by now but just in case you haven’t:

I love this so much! I may or may not have tied for first place in a SBTB trivia game in college. And I may or may not have a “Go Bayside/Beat Valley” shirt to prove it.


3. This Retreat
I’m getting so excited about this upcoming retreat!

tx style council

This year the Texas Style Council is holding CAMP (Create a Meaningful Presence) and billing it as a ” weekend away for female bloggers and business owners to reconnect with their creative spirit and their community.” How awesome does that sound?! It’s being held March 20-22nd at Camp Texlake, TX (about 45 min. outside of Austin).
Between this site and Splendry (plus all my other endeavors), I am craving this kind of retreat! Plus, I’m really excited to connect to other bloggers and business owners. Especially once I saw their lineup of guest speakers and their “camp counselors”! A few you might be familiar with:
You can view the others here. One of the reasons I’m sharing this with you now (on top of being really really excited about it!) is that they’re currently having a 72-hour sale where registration is half off. HALF OFF. So go sign up! Use code: TXSCBFF
 I want to see you there! 

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