Friday Favorites

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I’m off to do some car shopping today (one of the few shopping experiences I loathe) but before I head off to spend way too much money on something that will lose it’s value almost immediately, I leave you with a few of my favorites from this week:


1.  Stylish Tech Accessories: I was about to toss the Best Buy mailer in the trash before I noticed it was full of phone cases and laptop sleeves that are anything but boring!
They’ve got Kate Spade:

kate spade best buy

Isaac Mizrahi:

isaac mizrahi best buy

Nanette Lepore:

nanette lepore best buy

and Anna Sui:
anna sui best buy
Might be a great addition to your Christmas list! 


2. Designing Your Own Dress Online: Want a gorgeous dress made for your exact measurements? You can now order your perfect dress online from Piol. From the colors that best suit your skin tone to the perfect neckline or skirt shape to compliment your body type, they can make you a stunning dress! They aren’t cheap (around $550), but the quality is supposed to be great and if you think about the money you spend on cheaper dresses that don’t fit that great, this might be a great investment! It’s definitely a little out of my price range, but the site is fun to play around with!

piol dress 1


3. This Giveaway:  Just in case you haven’t entered yet!

giveaway photo


4. The Undress: I saw an article about the Undress recently as it was nearing the end of it’s Kickstarter campaign. I checked it out and contributed right away! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed this dress! And come January, I will have one! 

The Undress


Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you soon!

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