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Happy Halloween! Or, Happy Last Day of October, if you’re not a Halloween person. Either way, it’s Friday, so that’s reason to celebrate, right? What I’m excited about this week:
1. AMK x SM Line: Mary Kate and Ashley have a new accessories line out tomorrow! Because, you know, three fashion lines just isn’t enough to keep them busy! The line, which includes jewelry and clutches, will be sold through StyleMint (a company they are also involved in, of course), and nothing is over $39.99! A few of the pieces I love:
ursa major ring set
Ursa Major Ring Set, $29.99


Luna Pouch, $39.99
Luna Pouch, $39.99


Hydra Bangle, $29.99
Hydra Bangle, $29.99



2. Lauren Conrad’s Halloween Costumes: You know I’m a fan of LC and I love seeing what she does every year for Halloween. This year? Mermaid! See how she did it here.


3. New Endeavors! I’m in the middle of a pretty huge new project (that I’ll share with you soon!) so I might skip a day here or there posting, but no worries, I’m not going anywhere! Just something new (and hopefully awesome) I’m working on that I hope you’ll also love! 

good things are going to happen


Happy weekend! See you on Monday!

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