Friday Favorites

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 Yay for Friday! What I’m loving this week:


 1. Your Feedback!
I posted this photo on the Facebook page a few days ago and it brought out some strong responses!

glitter pants

I love when you guys give feedback, keep it up! 



2. Sales!
I’ve been styling some commercial shoots this week which means I’ve been shopping a LOT the past few days (Ever try finding lots of swimwear options in October? A tad tricky!) and I can tell you, there are some great sales happening all over! For one look I styled, I paired this Loft blouse (currently on sale for $25!):

loft blouse

with this Lauren Conrad for Kohls quilted black skirt (on sale for $40, before coupons!):

black skirt



 Preppy perfection! So simple and chic!



3. Fat-Talk Free Week!
I know this week is almost over, but let’s just keep this going! What’s fat-talk free? No talk about your weight or anyone else’s! That includes things like, “You look great, have you lost weight?!” How about we just leave it at “You look great!” Easy, right? Try it for a week and share it with your girlfriends. You might be surprised at the difference it makes in your life!

project heal


Have a stylish weekend!

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