Friday Favorites: New February Favorites

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It’s been a LONG time since I did a Friday Favorites post. Not that I haven’t had any favorites, of course. I finally got my act together this morning to pick out five things right now that I’m pretty into. Some are old, some are new, all are things you need to know about. Let’s get started with my February Favorites!

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February Favorites

1. The World’s Most Comfortable Socks

We’ve had some crazy changes in weather lately. Snow, 75 degree weather, crazy wind and super cold temperatures. All in the span of a week. No matter what’s happening outside, one thing is consistent: my feet are always cold. ALWAYS COLD. I have all kinds of warm and cozy socks in my dresser but these Barefoot Dreams socks are definitely some of my favorites. They are SOOOO soft and warm and like putting the world’s most comfortable blanket on your feet. 

February Favorites Barefoot Dreams Socks - JK Style

If you recognize the brand you might be thinking these socks cost a pretty penny but they’re $15 a pair. And worth every cent! (They also make a really good gift!)

2. The Prettiest (Non-Drying) Matte Lipcolor 

February Favorites Il Makiage Lip Color - JK Style

I’m pretty sure I first came across the Il Makiage brand on Instagram and it’s a long story as to how I came to own one of their lip colors but I’m glad we’re to that point. It’s such a pretty shade (I’m wearing “Guilty”) and so comfortable on, which you can’t always say for matte colors. I really really like it and will probably grab more shades at some point!

3. Custom Hair Care at a Non-Custom Price 

I needed new shampoo and on a whim I checked out the Function of Beauty line at Target. They have products based on your hair type: straight, wavy, curly, or coily.

I have the world’s straightest hair so I grabbed a shampoo and conditioner. Here’s where it gets fun though. You know can buy “boosters” to add your products. You choose your hair goals: strengthen, anti-frizz, volume, lengthen, deep condition, shine, color protection, soothe scalp, thermal protection, and curl definition. You can choose up to three of these boosters to add to customize your products.

February Favorites - Function of Beauty Hair Care Line - JK Style

I just went a volume booster in my shampoo and conditioner and also added the leave-in conditioner too. So how much did this all run me? $35 for all, pretty good for a custom hair care line that I actually really love!

It smells amazing and my hair has been so full and soft. Two thumbs up.

4. A Pretty Parisian Palette

Say that five times fast. I saw an ad for an Emily in Paris/L’Oreal collection on Instagram and really loved the shades in the palette! I tried to get it through the L’Oreal link but everything was sold out. I checked Ulta and they had it (and still do!) in stock. Even better, because I could use my Ulta gift cards!

February Favorites Emily in Paris Eye Palette - JK Style

It came and I’ve been using it and really love it! I’ve been pretty partial to Urban Decay palettes over the years but I’m very happy with this purchase. The cute heart doesn’t hurt either. :)

5. A Spa-Like Shower Scrub

My brother and sister-in-law gave me this bath scrub for Christmas and I loooooove it. It smells amazing and leaves my skin ultra-soft.

February Favorites Pacha Whipped Soap Scrub - JK Style

I pretty much feel like I’ve been at a spa, instead of in my bathtub lined with dinosaur toys. It’s one of the most luxurious-feeling bath products I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot!) so it’s a nice surprise it’s just $10! Here’s a link to it from their website, but you can also find it at Sprouts or Whole Foods!

That’s it for my February favorites today! Have your own favorites to share? Let me know!

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