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I came across a Kickstarter campaign  for Higher Hangers a while back that got me excited! I had just done a closet clean-out/organization and I kid you not, I kept thinking, “Why do they make hangers with so much extra space at the hook part?”

As someone who stores a lot of clothing in her closet and utilizes a lower hanging bar I’m always struggling with long tops and dresses dragging the floor or the top of the lower bar.

Higher Hangers review on JK Style - see how these hangers are helping to organize my closet!

Clothes get caught in the hangers below and things just look so messy! I have no idea why this hasn’t been thought of before but I’m glad someone finally figured it out!

Regular hangers compared to Higher Hangers:

Higher Hangers review- a comparison of a regular hanger and a Higher Hanger on JK Style

Simply by dipping the hook further into the hanger you’ve saved yourself so many inches! Look at this comparison:

Higher Hangers comparison shot

Look how much space the Higher Hanger gave me! I think this is SUCH  a genius product! They offer velvet, plastic, and wooden hangers now but the velvet slip-proof are what I use. They may be a little pricier than other velvet hangers on the market, but the organization aspect they add to your closet is worth every penny!

Higher Hangers hangers

Originally published July 26, 2016

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