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Living in Oklahoma has its advantages: friendly people, it’s not too crowded, low cost of living, and we get to experience all the seasons. It also has its disadvantages: tornadoes, wind, and well, we get to experience all the seasons (sometimes all in one week!). By seasons I mean boiling hot summers, freezing cold winters and a few weeks (if we’re lucky) in between each of somewhat “milder” temperatures. Because it stays pretty cold here in the Fall/Winter, my daytime footwear pretty much consists of boots from October through February.


Ankle, over-the-knee, and all heights in between- they’re warm, comfortable and easy to dress up or down! I’m not a t-shirt and sweats person so my idea of a really casual outfit is a cute top or sweater with jeans tucked into boots.  Easy, comfortable, and still looks a little bit like I tried!  I have one pair of skinny ankle-length jeans that are perfect for tucking into jeans (that’s the only way I wear them!) but I wanted the option of being able to wear other jeans with boots too and still have them feel like they’re really tucked in!  And I found an easy way to do it: boot straps!


Boot Straps

The pair I bought are Hollywood Boot Straps (I picked them up at Bed Bath and Beyond for $12.) (You can click the link or the photo to buy!)


Watch this video to see how easy they are to use!

Have you tried these or something similar? Have any other tips for keeping your jeans tucked in? Share!

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  1. Melissa says:


    1. Seriously, so great!

  2. Aubrie says:

    this is genius!

    1. Isn’t it?! I have used mine soooo many times since I bought them!

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