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Favorite Files – Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

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I am a chronic sufferer of chapped lips. I’m not just talking about dry, slightly chapped lips that get worse in the winter. I’m talking worst chapped lips you’ve ever seen. Year-round, cracking, bleeding, flaking (gross, I know), awful, awful chapped lips. I’ve tried pretty much every lip balm, mask, or scrub on the market and there was even a time during high school/college where a doctor recommended I put liquid Maalox on my lips at night in case the cause was acid related. (Yes, that’s about as cool as it sounds.)

Well remember the custom makeover I did at Sephora a few weeks back?  The lady doing my makeup recommended a new product, the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty for me to try. She said that all the Sephora employees loved it and that it should really help. I use another lip gloss by that brand that I really like, but I was still a little skeptical.  (This is a girl who went to bed with liquid antacid on her lips for 3 years. I’ve seen- and tried – it all.) 

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

She gave me a small sample and I kind of forgot about trying it until a few days ago. And then my life changed.

Is that too dramatic?  Possibly, but this is day three (I’ve been putting it on before I go to bed) and the difference is AMAZING.  My lips have NEVER been this soft or smooth in my entire 31 years of existence. 

This is definitely about to make it’s way into my home and hopefully it will never ever depart. 

Any beauty products you adore? Let me know!

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  1. Is this product made entirely of organic fruit oils? I think I tried some in Sephora this weekend and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! Maybe we should make a Sephora run together?!

    1. I think so! They say it’s all natural.

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