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I was a bit of a tomboy growing up (I did have two brothers) and was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to makeup. In fact, I don’t really remember wearing much makeup in high school even other than mascara and a bit of blush. And cherry Chapstick. 
I do use more makeup now then back then, but still try to keep it fairly simple. For a “normal” day these are the  products I use:

daily 2

1. Up until the past few weeks my skincare routine basically consisted of occasionally washing my face in the evenings (I know, I know) and using makeup removing wipes sometimes. Add in some moisturizer in the mornings that had an SPF and I was done. Considering I am in my 30s now, I figured it might be time to actually develop a skincare routine. I tried the Arbonne RE9 line, and I really like it! So much so that I became a “referring consultant” so I could get a discount!
2. I mentioned this primer a few weeks back. I love, love, love it. It intensifies my eye shadow color and makes it last while also protecting from the horror of mascara smudges in the crease.
3. I always wear some sort of eye shadow in shades of brown and purple. I have pretty large eyelids (is that a thing?) and do a darker shade in my crease with a light shade to highlight under the brow bone. Some palettes I move between – Pop Beauty in “Naturally Bare” (from an Ipsy bag), a bh Cosmetics sampler (from Ipsy), NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit (also from Ipsy!), and a random assortment of others.
4. I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde. I first tried it when I had my birthday makeover, but I am now officially sold. I feel like I have pretty thin brows so this helps fill in a bit without looking like I drew them on.
5. Having large eyes, I really like to define them. I’ve always used a black eyeliner until just recently when I moved to a dark brown shade. 
6. Another item from the birthday makeover I purchased and loved – this bronzer/highlighter/blush set by Urban Decay.
7. I always curl my eyelashes. My lashes are long, but they really pop when they’re curled a bit. I use a basic eyelash curler and whatever mascara I’m using at the time. It bounces around between Maybelline brands usually, though I’ve been hearing good things about the L’Oreal Butterfly mascara. Might be next on my list to try! 
8. Another product I don’t leave home without (well, I have been known to leave with no makeup, so that’s not entirely true) is the CoverGirl Invisible concealer (or some other concealer). A quick dab under each eye and I’m usually set!
For daytime lips, I usually stick to one of these:


day lips

1. Buxom Lip Polish in Dolly
2. Buxom Lip Cream in Kir Royale
If I have a special event or a night out, I add a couple of products:

extra makeup

1. I recently tried a BB cream for the first time (thanks, Ipsy!) and I really like it. It doesn’t feel too heavy, but still adds a bit of “polish”, I think.
2. I’m not a big foundation girl, but if I’m really getting fancy, I’ll use it. I’m about to start trying a liquid foundation with my Beauty Blender, but now I’m using BareMinerals Matte foundation in “Light”.
3. Another trick I learned from the birthday makeover, taking some turquoise eyeliner and running along the inside “tear line” on your lower lid. It really makes my eyes pop!


Lips for night?


night lips

1. Bite Lip Lacquer in Aurora
2. Mac Red Lipstick
So that’s pretty much my makeup routine! Products vary here and there, but you get the idea! What products can you not live without? Please share!


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  1. I always start my day (and end it) with Arbonne’s RE9 line!

    I happen to be obsessed with makeup and one of the best things I do for my eyebrows so they don’t look drawn on is I take a brush that is meant for applying eyeliner and use it and a color of eye shadow that matches my brows. It’s cheaper than buying something for it and it looks completely natural. Plus I got my eyeliner brush at Target in the elf section for $1!

    1. Nice tip on eyebrows! I love this pencil because there’s a wand on the opposite end to blend! The pencil itself goes on soft and with the wand it completely blends right in! The marvels of makeup, right? :)

  2. My life changed when I found that Urban Decay palette! It is FANTASTIC! I also got that POP Palette in my Ipsy bag. LOVE!

    1. I love love love that Urban Decay palette! And I’m definitely checking out your site now!

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