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When I first heard that Ciaté London was releasing a nail polish marker, I was intrigued! It looked like a paint pen and was supposed to be as easy to use as drawing with a marker. When I finally got an email that the Ciaté Mani Markers were in stock I figured I had to act fast if I wanted to try one!

Ciate mani marker review - JK Style

Ciaté Mani Markers Review
via Ciate website

I ordered a marker in Lady Luck, a classic red shade (middle below) and it took everything in me not to try it immediately when it came in the mail! I knew I wanted to try it out on video for you guys, so you could see my experience with using it for the first time. The sacrifices I make for you all! :)

Ciaté Mani Markers Review marker colors
via Ciate website


You can see my experience using it here, just ignore my messy hair and the fact that the camera cuts off the top of my head at the end. Who has time for professional-looking videos?? (Professionals, I suppose.)

 Ciaté London Mani Marker Review

If you chose to skip the video, here’s the verdict: I’m IN LOVE with these markers! They’re easy to use, the results are great, and I’m definitely going to purchase more colors! This exceeded my expectations and even if you can’t tell from my excitement on the video (I’m one of those people who NEVER look excited) I’m really really REALLY happy with my purchase!

They’re very easy to use:

1. Shake pen (like you would a paint pen)

2. Hold the pen down on a piece of paper, etc. for 45-60 seconds until the tip fills with color

3. Apple in long even strokes from base of clean nail to tip.

4. Apply a top coat

5. Marvel in the fact that you’ve given yourself an awesome manicure in minutes!

A review of the new Ciaté Mani Markers

You can buy Ciaté Mani Markers currently on the Ciaté website, they sell for $12, but are currently marked down to under $5! If you decide to try it yourself, please let me know! I want to hear what you think about them!

Now the question is, which color should I purchase next??

Originally published October 20, 2016

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  1. Oh my…this is for me. Are they only online? Or can they be bought at Ulta or Sephora etc?

    1. You can buy them on their website currently- there is a link in the post. I don’t think they’re available anywhere else yet, but if I hear differently I’ll let you know!

  2. You should get that pretty purple-y one! How was it using your non-dominant hand? That’s always a problem for me with regular nail polish, and wonder if it would be even harder when using a pen-type applicator?)

    1. Actual polish with my non-dominant hand might be a tiny bit easier? Just because you can cover more area in one stroke I think! Saying that though, it still turned out great! I always end up with polish on my fingers and cuticles and while I still got a little of the pen on me, I was able to scratch it right off (the same as I do with regular nail polish!) I guess I should have included that in the video after all! :)

  3. Shelley Doremus says:

    Oh wow!! That is fantastic! I bet painting your toes would be actually fun instead of trying to contort your body to get the right angle!!

    I think the pink or burgandy would be good on you! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I haven’t tried it on my toes yet, but think I will today!

  4. Debra Schramm says:

    You should get that fabulous plum color next! It will be great for fall.

    1. I think that’s a good choice!

  5. Oh these look really cool! I think even I could manage haha.

    1. It was seriously so easy! If I can handle it anyone can, ha!

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