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Ulta Beauty in Yukon – Grand Opening

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As of last Friday, Ulta Beauty in Yukon is officially open! I had the chance to get a personal tour, snapped some photos, and even caught the ribbon cutting ceremony. I cannot say enough good things about this store! After spending a couple of hours there on Friday morning I know this is just going to be part of my regular routine from now on! ;)

Visiting Ulta Beauty in Yukon on JK Style

Ulta Beauty in Yukon

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting - JK Style
Ribbon Cutting for the Grand Opening of Ulta Beauty in Yukon

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Ulta store - JK Style

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - 2 - JK Style

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Stila makeup display 2 - JK Style

Let’s start with the basics, if you’re not familiar with Ulta Beauty, they’re one of the leading beauty retailers in the country. They’re less than 30 years old as a company but they are blowing up like crazy! They’ve got over 970 stores (I think I was told the Yukon store was the 973rd?) and I am predicting right now that Ulta Beauty is the future of beauty buying. Why?

Try it before you buy it

You can test everything in the store. EVERYTHING. I was even told they won’t carry a line unless the brand agrees to allow customers to test the products. You can try makeup, hair dryers, skin creams, perfume, whatever! Any brand, any product, you can try it all.

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - foundation testers - JK Style

Say you’re interested in color-matching for foundation, you can ask to be matched to any brand, not just the higher end lines. If your budget is $80 or $8 you can walk away with the perfect item for you. Isn’t that great?

Unlike buying makeup at a department store where the salesperson is in control of everything you touch, you are encouraged to try things for yourself. They have testing stations set up with makeup remover, applicators, brushes, etc.

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - tester station - JK Style

All of the hair dryers are even plugged in so you can turn them on to see if you like how they work!

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Chi touch 2 touch screen hair dryer - JK Style
Yes, this is really a touch screen blow dryer!

Over 20,000 beauty products over 500 brands

That’s a lot of products! From your higher end brands like Strivectin and Peter Thomas Roth to drugstore brands like Maybelline and NYX, they pretty much have every brand (and price point) you could possibly need.

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Clinique makeup display - JK Style

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Estée Lauder - JK Style
The Yukon store is one of the first to carry Estee Lauder!

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Peter Thomas Roth - JK Style

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Burt's Bees - JK STyle

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Burt's Bees - JK STyle

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - NYX display - JK Style

So many services

I’ll expand in a separate post soon but did you know that Ulta Beauty offered so many services? I assumed the store in Yukon would include a hair salon but what I didn’t expect was for it to also offer nail services, facials, and they even have a brow bar! (I might be a little too excited about trying the brow bar!) Not only are these services offered, they’re offered by Ulta Beauty employees who have not only met the state required training, but have completed extensive training with the brand and company as well.

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - salon - JK Style
The Salon at Ulta Beauty
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Benefit Brow Bar - JK Style
Benefit Brow Bar

Knowledgeable Staff

Every single person I met on Friday was not only friendly, they were incredibly knowledgeable about the products. Along with regular Ulta Beauty employees, there will also be brand representatives in the store often, especially on weekends to answer any questions. Friday I was on the hunt for a liquid eyeliner with a fine felt tip and an employee (I’m sorry I don’t remember her name!) was incredibly helpful and I came home with exactly what I was looking for! She even alerted me to a couple upcoming sales on products I was considering too.

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Urban Decay eye shadow - JK Style

Another great thing about the staff is that they can teach you how to use any beauty tools you’re considering buying. You can try out hair dryers, curling irons, wands, etc. and someone in the store will actually show you how to use the product on your own hair so you know if you want to make the investment!

It’s my new “third place”

Bree, the district manager who gave me the tour was fantastic and when I told her I could just hang out in the store all the time she let me know about the concept of finding your “third place”. Have you heard of this?  The idea behind it is that you have your home, your work, and then your third place where you go to unwind and relax. For some it may be a coffee shop or bookstore but after learning about this concept it’s safe to say Ulta Beauty is my third place! Gorgeous displays, bright and shiny packages, rows and rows (and rows and rows) of makeup, hair products, perfume, skincare, and nail polishes, what more could a girl want?

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Pacifica - JK Style
Pacifica collection
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - perfume display - JK Style
Perfume at Ulta Beauty
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Physicians Formula - JK Style
Physicians Formula collection
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Stila - JK Style
Stila collection
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Stila lip - JK Style
Stila lip products
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Ulta Beauty line - JK Style
Ulta Beauty Collection
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Urban Decay display - JK Style
Urban Decay collection
Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Urban Decay lip pencils and lipsticks - JK Style
Vice by Urban Decay

I have almost too much information in my head right now to share with you (this would be one really long post!) but I think I’ll share more in the coming weeks on the services offered and then more on each area within the store (skincare, makeup, hair care, etc.) Stay tuned! (And go visit Ulta Beauty!)

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  1. lynne says:

    Riley was my personal assistant today. She was friendly, very helpful, knowledgeable about the products i needed and even shared customer service information! Now days it’s always a pleasure when an employee actually provides good customer service! I will definitely return and be so happy that it’s a mile from home!!

    1. A mile from home might be too close for me, all my money would be gone! :) And yes, I agree good customer service is hard to come by. I visited the store again yesterday (twice!) and had great help both times!

  2. glenda ross says:

    Every one is so nice. Made a “few purchases”. Sales person, Gilbert, steered me to a new product that is helping me with a skin issue. So far his suggestion is working out great. Somewhere along the way someone handed me a complimentary mascara.

  3. Cindy Barker says:

    I went by the Yukon store on Saturday to buy Clinique foundation. I was totally surprised when the sales lady handed me a chubby stick and said it’s yours. Love the shade – plushest punch.

    1. That’s so fun! Those are the best surprises!

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