Tuesday Tech: Printable Makeup

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When I first saw a headline about printable makeup I thought there was no way this was a real thing. I mean, sure, I can access the world wide web on a tiny device that fits in my pocket, cars are starting to self-drive and drones are becoming the norm, but PRINTING YOUR OWN MAKEUP at home? It might sound like something out of a futuristic movie (perhaps a remake of Clueless in 2030?), but this is a real thing that’s on the market!
mink printerMink is the world’s first printer that prints makeup. And what makes this even more insane (and awesome) is that you can create custom shades by simply uploading a photo from your phone, camera or computer! It’s seriously that easy!
Check out this video to see how it works:


I think the thing that surprised me the most was the price. I would expect something like this (that’s BLOWING MY MIND) to cost thousands of dollars, but no, the starter kit (printer, ink, powder, mixing medium sampler) is $275. Apparently there are only 250 units available right now for pre-order, so if you’re interested, you better get on it! 
The future is here. And it’s pretty!

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