StriVectin SD Review

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While the folks at StriVectin were kind enough to send me their SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks, I’m sharing with you on my own accord, because I really liked this product! 


I’m hesitant to buy any “miracle” creams, because, well, they usually don’t work! I figured there was no harm in giving this one a try, and I’m really glad I did! Like most adults who have grown at some point in their lives, I have some stretch marks scattered about (and not in any places where I would photograph, sorry) and really never thought there were options other than laser treatments. According to StriVectin, this product uses “age-fighting technologies” to penetrate the deepest layers of skin for a significant reduction in wrinkles and stretch marks. I don’t really have issues with wrinkles yet, other than one nice little line from furrowing my brow. (Must be all the deep thinking I do.) Here’s a nice little example below:

image1 (2)

The instructions for the lotion for wrinkles: Apply all over to cleansed face, avoiding eye area in the AM and PM, gently massaging into wrinkle-prone areas. (I put a little dab right between my eyes twice a day for about two weeks.) For stretch marks: Use AM and PM on cleansed skin, massaging into targeted areas. (I tried to use consistently twice a day for 15 days, which is what they recommend.)

Were my stretch marks totally gone in three weeks? No, but they were way more faint! And some were definitely gone. And the 2 oz. bottle I’m using still has plenty of product left in it to continue this regimen. As for the little line between my brows? It’s only there when I’m actually “furrowing”, which I’m trying not to do! Win!

A 2 oz. bottle of the SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Winkles & Stretch Marks sells for $79. I did see a .34 oz bottle for sale at Nordstrom for just $15, which would be an excellent way to give this product a try!! As always, I only talk about products on here that I actually like! If I didn’t think this product was effective for me, I wouldn’t have even brought it up! (I’m not getting paid for writing about it either!)

** Disclaimer: I received this product for free to try but all opinions are my own!**

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