Do These Anti-Wrinkle Patches Really Work?

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Are the reviews of frownies really too good to be true? I’m going to put these anti-wrinkle patches to the test! This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you.

OK, so I’m allllll about body positivity and loving yourself on this website.


I also loathe this one forehead wrinkle I have right between my eyes.

reviews of frownies - JK Style
I guess I spend too much time deep in thought. Or scowling. :)
reviews of Frownies
Yep, still there.

Could I have taken more flattering photos? Probably. My laziness is beating my vanity today I suppose. 

Seriously, I have been watching this line for years now and it’s the first thing my eye goes to when I look in the mirror or any time I see myself in photos.  Oh, what’s that? You don’t notice it in my photos??


There. That’s my secret shame. Hahaha. I zoom in on my photo and use the eraser tool to eliminate that one dumb wrinkle.

Before you get mad and tell me that it’s not a terrible wrinkle, I know it could be worse. I just don’t like it and want to see if I can keep it from getting worse.

Look, I know my skin is in pretty good shape for my age. If that makes you angry, take it out on my mother, it’s her fault she has great skin and looks super young for her age! :)

reviews of frownies - JK Style

I know Botox is supposedly the only “real” way to eliminate it but I’m not interested in that. (Nothing against it though and I may very well be interested in it one day!)

I decided to see what other less-invasive options I might have for now and thought you might want to come along for the ride! Should you also have a wrinkle or two you’d like to try to diminish with home treatments, this might be helpful to you too.

Here’s what I know works for wrinkles:


Any skincare expert will tell you retinol is THE way to treat wrinkles. However, it’s not safe if you’re pregnant or nursing so that option is out for me and my skincare routine at the moment. That leads me to other products like facial patches like:


I’ve heard of these for years but did a deep dive a few days ago and got sucked into the potential. :)

There are other products like this and I’ve thought about trying the Sio products too (have you tried them?) but thought I’d give Frownies a try first. Why? The reviews of Frownies are pretty positive overall AND they’re very affordable compared to some other products on the market. I figured they were worth a try!

Are the reviews of Frownies too good to be true?

reviews of Frownies

Frownies Facial Patches

reviews of Frownies

These are super simple to use and with 144 in the box should last quite a bit. You simply tear the shape you desire (the patches are perforated for easy tearing), massage your wrinkle for 10-15 seconds, add a tiny bit of water to the back of the patch and then apply. The instructions say to wear them at least 3 hours or overnight, which is what I’ve been doing. 

They’re not medicated at all, it’s literally just craft paper with adhesive on it to stick to your skin. The Frownies website does a good job of explaining how it all works:

The muscle on the face is attached to the skin by “ceramides”. The face is the only place on the body where muscle and skin are attached. When you move the muscles to make expressions the skin is also moved. When a crease is formed in the muscle from frowning, smiling, furrowing your brow, or lifting your eyebrows the skin is creased as well. Over time the crease become static, and it may look like a permanent scowl.

Frownies are placed over the creases that have been smoothed by you massaging and gently separating them, so the skin is smoothed as well as the muscle.  Frownies have a skin friendly adhesive on them and when it dries the patch forms a splint that will not let the muscle pull back into the creased position.  This is how Frownies Patches work! 

Sounds reasonable to me! Frownies says to wear them until your wrinkle goes away and then you stop until you see the wrinkle again. From some of the reviews I’ve read I may need to give them 2-3 months of trial time to know if they’re going to work or not so it’s not going to be an overnight cure. I guess it probably depends on the size/depth of the wrinkle?

reviews of Frownies - JK Style

I’m up for the challenge though and I’ll do my best to give them a fair trial and report back so you’ll know if they’re something you’ll want to try too!

If you don’t want to wait for my trial period, go ahead and try them with me! We can compare notes. :)

I bought the forehead/between eye patches but they also have patches for the corners of the eyes and mouth for smile lines and crows feet. 

Alright, friends. Let’s see how those reviews of Frownies hold up! I’ll check back in soon with an update!

**Update!!!! It’s been a bit, but I have an update!**


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  1. Ok, Soooo, Are you ok first of all, it’s been almost a year & wondered how the frownie patches worked?? Did I somehow miss your update?? Thanks!

    1. I have an update! I’m blaming my late update on my baby. :)

  2. Shana says:

    Did you ever do an update on the frownies?? Did they work at all?

    1. I have an update finally!

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