I am in Love with a $38 Sunscreen but Hear Me Out

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This is my REN Clean Screen sunscreen review and it’s completely honest (as always!). I do have affiliate links included so if you want to try it for yourself and use my links I’ll earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Let me start by saying that when it comes to beauty products (well, most products), I’m what you’d call cheap. Now I’m not going to buy the cheapest item just because it’s cheap (I want my products to actually work), but I will almost always seek out an affordable version of whatever I’m looking for.

Facial cleanser? I typically use drugstore Micellear water or a makeup eraser. Mascara? Whatever came in my latest beauty bag or I picked up at Target. Shampoo? Whatever samples I have on hand or something else I picked up at Target. 

All this to say, I am not someone who would normally buy facial sunscreen that costs almost $40.  

Last year I had an opportunity to try a new product from REN Skincare, a sunscreen they were releasing. I got the product for free (through Splendry) in exchange for an Instagram story or something like that. I knew it would be a good product as I had tried other REN products in the past and they have an excellent reputation.

REN is a clean skincare line and I always feel good about using their products on my skin. I felt like it was a good thing to try and share with Splendry readers but I honestly didn’t expect I’d buy it again. 

Ren Clean Screen sunscreen review - JK Style

I do take my face sunscreen pretty seriously, it’s one thing I’ve been really consistent about through my twenties and now (well) into my thirties. But still. Surely it wouldn’t be that great, right?

When it comes to sunscreen on my face I want something that isn’t greasy, that won’t break out my skin, and that is worth the price. 

This definitely hit the first two marks and the third? I started using this every day back in May of last year and finished the tube in January of this year. I’d say I got my money’s worth on it! (Well, if I hadn’t received it for free.)

REN Clean Screen sunscreen review

I had zero qualms about buying it and think it’s my go-to sunscreen from now on. At a cost of less than $5 a month, it’s totally worth it to me.

I hope you found my REN Clean Screen sunscreen review helpful. If you want to try it for yourself, you can grab it at Sephora next time you’re there or placing an order. I really don’t think you’ll regret it!

**Update as of February 2021: I’m still using this sunscreen daily! I did try out the Versed daily sunscreen (which also works well and is cheaper) but once I found out I was pregnant I moved back to REN as this was totally safe for pregnancy. I think I’m sticking with it from now on!**

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