Bad Days and Magical Masks

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Hi friends! I’m happy to be back after taking last week off! I wish I could say my time was spent on fun and exciting things, but alas, life had other plans.

Last Monday and Tuesday were spent running errands and then Indy got sick Wednesday, so that pretty much summed up the week. And while I had intended to get things rolling again on Monday or Tuesday of this week, I’ve had a teething baby, a pinched nerve in my back (perhaps from carrying around that baby), and now a leak in our roof that resulted in finding a nice puddle in the office floor this morning.

But enough about me. :) UGH

Here’s a cute baby to remind me that all of this will pass. (It will, right? PLEASE?)

OK, so let’s talk my favorite thing this week. I know I’ve written about this before, but it truly is one of my very favorite things and worth sharing about again.

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The Pacifica Stress Rehab Mask

The Pacifica Stress Rehab Coconut & Caffeine Facial Mask once again saved my face this week.

Pacifica Stress Rehab mask - Friday Favorites - JK Style

After spending a week taking care of a sick husband (insert all the jokes about sick husbands) and trying to keep the baby well and then another week taking care of a sick baby because that part didn’t work, I don’t think I washed my face but a few times all week. Granted I hadn’t worn makeup in that time, but still.

Anyway, my face looked ROUGH. It was blotchy, puffy, and I was kind of broken out on my forehead cheeks and chin. I was starting to feel pretty sorry for myself and feeling like I looked “old”, which are all things that feel a billion times worse when you’re running on little sleep and completely stressed out.

I had to run an errand the other day and saw this face mask in the store and was immediately reminded of my past experience and how magically it worked.

Would it work again?

It DID! As pitiful as I looked I still wish I had taken before and after photos that day. Sorry!

My splotchy, puffy face was transformed back into my regular skin in about 20 minutes and while the stress and lack of sleep are still hanging around, I feel much less embarrassed about going out in public! (It was really that bad- in my head at least!)

Ulta Beauty in Yukon - Pacifica - JK Style

There are so many other things in the Pacifica line I want to try now!

I mean, if I can gain a little self confidence for about $4, that’s a big win right?

Needless to say, I can do nothing, NOTHING, but highly recommend this mask, once again!

Please let me know if you try it and what your experience is with it!

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