I Have a Frownies Update!

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You all have been waiting on my review of Frownies facial patches and I’ve got an update! Read on to see what I thought and if I’d recommend them. 

First, let me just offer an apology that it took me a YEAR to finally update you on my thoughts on Frownies.

At the time I wrote the first post, I had a new baby and between me sharing a room with him at the time and getting very little sleep, I just kind of tapered off my use of the product after a few weeks. For no other reason than it was just one more step between me and trying to get some sleep. I just gave up.

And you all weren’t happy about it! I’ve never received so many comments, emails, DMs on Instagram, etc., asking if I had an update. I’m just going to blame the baby. And you can’t be mad at a baby, right? Especially one this cute.

baby eating chips and salsa

Just a cute baby covered in chips and salsa. 

OK, back to the point of all of this. I started back to using Frownies and stuck with it and am now ready to share my thoughts!

frownies facial patches review

Frownies Facial Patches Update

Let’s start with the obvious questions.

Jamie, are you totally wrinkle free??

No. I do still in fact have my friendly forehead wrinkle. :) (But read on!)

Do Frownies work at all?

Yes, I think they do!

So, yes, I still have my wrinkle, but 1) I think it’s much less pronounced, and 2) I feel like the patches will keep it from getting worse.

frownies facial patches review

If you need a refresher, Frownies are not medicated but simply patches you wear overnight. 

By wearing these overnight I think my forehead has been trained to not scowl as much, so that helps my current (and future!) wrinkle, plus, it’s working with the skin and muscle to smooth things out.

It’s only been about two and a half months since I started back to wearing them regularly and the product says you need about 2-3 months of regular wear to know if it’s going to work. Now I’ll just continue my wear until my wrinkle becomes even smoother, which I do think it will.

The fact that I don’t edit my wrinkle out of photos anymore (well, most of the time), shows me it’s improved significantly. Plus, I also just don’t think about it as much, which also shows me that I will continue using this product for the weeks/months to come!

Are the results all in my head? Honestly, I don’t think so. But, even if it were, I still think I’d shell out the $12 for the patches!

So, are Frownies worth trying?

Yes, I’d say go for it. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and best case scenario, you’ll see some changes in your skin!

Here’s my scowl:

frownies facial patches review - JK Style

And relaxed:

frownies facial patches

Will you keep using Frownies facial patches?

I’m happy with them and I’ll keep using them. Combined with my skincare routine I think my skin is in fairly decent shape for my age, which is RAPIDLY approaching a new decade. Whatever can keep the botox away for a few more years. ;)

frownies facial patches



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