Radha Beauty Review

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And another review! This time my mom checked out a new skincare line. Her thoughts:

I have been using a new trio of facial products for over a month and now is the time to pause and evaluate.

After cleansing, I apply Radha Beauty Vitamin C serum.

vitamin c serum for face

At first this was not easy on my face. (Note: Not the youngest face in the world but still presentable.) There was redness and peeling the first week or so then everything was OK. This product is to minimize existing wrinkles and fade sun spots among other things. Still have my wrinkles and sun spots but they are a little less noticeable. I will continue to use this throughout the summer. Check back in the fall for the results.

My next product to use is Radha Beauty Intensive Youth Eye Gel.

radha youth eye gel

This is a rich creamy substance that spreads easily around the eyes and I even go down on my cheek bones a bit. This contains hyaluronic acid as did the previousVitamin C serum. Also has Vitamin E in it so can’t go wrong there. Love this stuff. Absorbs quickly, not sticky and I think it does “increase elasticity and enhances the tone of your skin”. There is something on the bottle about improving sagging skin so I do hope it comes out in a much larger bottle one day.

The last product of my trilogy is “miracle by radha beauty” Retinol Moisturizer.

miracle by radha beauty

It is to give a youthful glow to skin so I love that idea. And I do think it has helped, my skin looks creamier and feels good. I use a brush on mineral powder for makeup and there is no stickiness or streaking.

So I will continue to use these products. I am fairly liberal when applying and still have a lot left in the bottles.

**This is a sponsored post. These items were provided for free in exchange for reviewing. All opinions are my own!”

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