My Favorite Bath Products

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One of the best parts of any day for me is when I have the time to take a bath. Not a shower, not a quick dip in the tub, but a luxurious, relaxing soak in the bathtub. Today I’m excited to share all my favorite bath products with you! 

I know the subject of baths can be controversial. Some people find them incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, while to others the thought is disgusting. I fall on the former side and will defend them indefinitely.

I love a good bath. People that hate baths, are you really that dirty that you don’t want to sit in your own water? Come on, what gives? It’s warm and relaxing, I could stay in there for hours. 

Taking a bath is such a relaxing and luxurious thing for me. It is one of the things I can do to help my anxiety and I’ve found ways to really make the experience so nice. 

As someone who loves baths, I’ve curated a bit of a collection of bath products I love, which I thought I’d share with you today. All you bath naysayers, you can come back on Thursday and I’ll have more to share that’s non-bath related. Until then, enjoy your showers. :)

From my favorite bubble bath bar to the two bath tools that actually make sure the water stays in the tub (you bath-takers with older tubs know what I mean!), here are the nine things I always have ready. You just never know when the day is going to call for a bath.

My Favorite Bath Products - JK Style

My Favorite Bath Products

This post does contain some affiliate links so if you end up buying anything from a link I’ve included, I may earn a commission at no cost to you.

My Favorite Bath Products

All the things that I use for treating myself to the perfect bath!

Love taking baths? Hate them? Tell me all your bath thoughts and if you have any favorite bath products to share!

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