My At-Home Spa Day

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There were some big changes at our house last week. Brent had his first official day teaching students at his new job on Thursday and it was the start of all of us getting back (wait, were we ever really there?) in a routine. Overall it was a good week but by Saturday I was needing a break. Big time.

Brent came home around lunchtime and told me this was the most “mommed-out” I had ever looked, haha. Which is a nice way of saying I looked rough. And trust me, I did. He took over toddler duties and I retreated to my room for some much needed rest.

If you’ve been around here for any length of time you know I’m a bath person, so that was the first order of business.

But this wasn’t just any bath. This was a bath bomb, face mask, September issues, snacks and TV-watching kind of bath. Ahhhhh.

I figured I’d share with you my spa-day products just in case you want to plan a day in at some point for yourself!

First up I used a Lush bath bomb from my stash of bath products, and two face masks AND some eye masks to reset my poor, tired face. :)

Face Masks

home spa products - JK Style

Sand& Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask // Tony Moly I’m Lemon Brightening Mask //

Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle & Energizing Eye Masks

My face and tired eyes were snapped back into shape thanks to all these serums!

Foot Mask

After catching up on some good ol’ reality television (Southern Charm, if you must know. Don’t judge me, I needed something mindless.), I decided to try a foot mask I’ve had for a while:

home spa products - foot therapy wrap - JK Style

KocoStar Foot Therapy Exfoliant Wrap

The foot mask had to be left on for 1.5 hours so I was happy to sit and watch more Southern Charm in bed. And I don’t have any results as of yet on this one, I’ll have to let you know soon. I will say my feet still feel all tingly (in a good way) after taking the mask off, so I think that’s a good sign.

Lip Mask

I figured if I was masking it up, I might as well try a lip mask I had:

home spa products - rose lip mask - JK Style

KocoStar Rose Lip Mask

I will say this one wasn’t a favorite. It seemed kind of dried out? The silicone mask wasn’t very wet and just kind of felt like putting a piece of gel on my mouth for a while. The instructions said to leave it on for 10 minutes and then pat in any extra residue, but there wasn’t anything to rub in. My lips feel exactly as they did before, so, probably won’t be buying this one. (This came in a subscription box at some point.) Maybe the packaging was torn and it got dried out? I don’t know.


And of course, no spa day is complete without a mani/pedi. As someone who never jumped on the “accent nail” bandwagon, I got inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmere founder Emily’s manicure photo on Instagram using a bright red and light pink. I went for a brighter pink and am kind of into it. What do you think?

home spa day - mani JK Style

Sizzling Red // Damsel

One super nice thing about my spa day was that I had all these products already in my beauty stash! Next time you need to justify buying a $3 face mask, just remember the impromptu need you’ll have at some point.  You’ve got to be prepared for these things! :)

Have any favorite products for home spa days? Give me your go-tos!

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