Maybelline Makeup “Artist” Fundle Review

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If you saw my updates last week regarding my Prime Day purchases, you saw that I bought a Maybelline Fundle. When I saw some random article about Prime Day beauty purchases, specifically these “fundles” being advertised, I was hitting “purchase” in no time at all. (Especially because it was 40% off that day!)

Maybelline New York Makeup Artist Fundle - JK Style

So, what IS a fundle? Good question. According to the coloring booklet included, a fundle is “a perfect pairing of two seemingly disparate items that come together blowing our collective minds.”  Famous fundles include jorts and pizza bagels:

Maybelline New York Makeup Artist Fundle - JK Style

Ice cream sandwiches, rollerblades, jazzercise, and sporks also made the list!

Aside from this funny concept, what actually came IN the box?

The Famous Fundles coloring book, eight crayons, the eight shade Maybelline New York Lip Color Palette with brush, and the Maybelline New York Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner.

Maybelline New York Makeup Artist Fundle - JK Style

Not only is this a fun little treat, but I think this would make such an awesome gift for someone! This is the perfect example of an item you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself (unless you’re me?) but is so fun to receive. Plus, it’s just $20.

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