2 Easy Tips for Perfect Brows

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You know those spreads in fashion magazines where they highlight a particular actress or model’s style over the years? They’ll show her in red car gowns for the past couple of decades and decide which looks were the best. While I like seeing the style evolution, what always gets me is the change in eyebrows! You probably remember the leap from late 90s/early 2000s thin, high-arched brows and the total transformation of today! In high school and college I started experimenting with different products to make my brows fuller. And while they’ve grown a bit fuller on their own over the years they still need a bit of help! I’ve found a couple of easy tips for perfect brows that I’ve been using over the years, and while I certainly wouldn’t say I have perfect brows, I think these tips could give them to you! :)

easy tips for perfect eyebrows - JK Style

I thought I’d do a quick video to show you my process of filling in my eyebrows. It’s easy and requires pretty much zero skill, which is about on par with the way I do my makeup! I’ve got a couple of helpful little tips in there that might help you change the way you do your brows too!

The basic take-away? (Other than I need to take more naps and wear makeup when doing videos.)

  1. Brush brows down (not up!) before filling in. It lets you see how your hair naturally grows so you can see where to fill in.
  2. Eye shadow works as a brow filler! It stays put all day, isn’t waxy-feeling, and a shimmery shadow will add some dimension and texture without looking like you just stepped out of Justice. (The ultimate shopping destination for the 10-12 year-old girl.)

I use both Anastasia Brow Wiz Brow Pencil (in Taupe) and brown shimmery eye shadows from Urban Decay. (It’s probably 75% eye shadow and 25% pencil.) The ones I use in my palettes (Stun and Radar) aren’t available to purchase individually but are similar to Thunderbird:

how I fill in my eyebrows - JK Style

and Twice Baked

how I fill in my eyebrows - JK Style

I know a lot of people love Glossier’s Boy Brow but I think it’s probably a better fit for people with fuller brows.

That’s it! Do you have favorite brow products? Or maybe just a fun beauty tip to share? Let me know!

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