4 Pixi Beauty Palettes Perfect for Fall

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Thank you to Pixi Beauty for sending me these palettes to try! All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

Every now and then the people at Pixi Beauty send me a fantastic treat – it might be lipglosses or blushes, maybe even some skincare products like their Rose Beauty line or a giant bottle of the Glow Toner

I found a new package on my porch recently and seriously, I could not have loved what I found inside more! They sent me four beautiful palettes for both cheeks and eyes and did I mention yet they were BEAUTIFUL? (Yes? Well, they are!)

Inside my box I found two cheek/eye palettes, Honey Nectar and Sugar Blossom, along with two eyeshadow palettes, Hazelnut Haze and Rosette Ray. They also sent along some stencils so I could do some fun swatching of these gorgeous shades. 

pixi beauty palettes

pixi beauty palettes

Aren’t those so pretty? I was just thinking about how my current eyeshadow palette was needing to be replaced and voila! 

I spent a little time playing with the Hazelnut Haze palette, using Neutral (a soft taupe-y shade) for my eyelids, followed by Bark (medium brown) on my crease, and then a little Deep (the darkest shade) on the outer edges of the crease. I also used Deep for my eyeliner. (Just apply with an eyeliner brush- lasts so much longer than an eye pencil!)

I think I’m going to have some fun with these for sure!

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