Insta Natural Review: Age-Defying Skin Clearing Serum

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Another review today!! I mentioned before I had the chance to try some products from Insta Natural recently. Well, I got to try a few more! The more I try, the more I like!

Instanatural Toner Vitamin C Moisturizer and Skin Clearing Serum


Originally I was just going to try the Age-Defying Skin Clearing Serum, but they were kind enough to offer the Vitamin C Facial Toner and Vitamin C Moisturizer too! It was great, I was actually able to use these with the other products I had tried (the eye serum, gel and retinol moisturizer) too.

After using my regular cleanser, I apply the toner by lightly spritzing over my face. I then pat it dry. This is a pore tightening toner that has Witch Hazel and balances pH levels in skin. 

Next, I take a few drops of the serum and rub over my face. I still occasionally get a few blemishes here and there and and this both treats blemished and irritated skin but it also helps unclog pores, removes redness and inflammation and repairing sun damage and scarring.  

Since I previously had tried their retinol moisturizer, I thought I’d like the Vitamin C moisturizer too and I do! I’ve started using this one in the mornings and using the retinol one at night. With Vitamin C and other skin nourishing ingredients, this helps with dryness, discoloration and reduce the signs of wrinkles and age spots.

I’m really glad I was introduced to this brand. I think I’ll definitely continue to use! 

**This is a sponsored post.  I received these products for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own!**

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