I’m growing up (and finally buying nice makeup brushes!)

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Well, technically I didn’t buy them. (Thanks, Mom!) I’ve been pondering new makeup brushes for a while now since my hodge-podge collection is, well, cheap and old. There’s only so much cleaning some of these brushes can take, plus, it seems more and more bristles are winding up on my face than on my brushes! It was time for new makeup brushes, and they proved to be the perfect birthday gift!
I finally found a set I liked in Sephora that had almost everything I was looking for. (I only bought one additional brush.)


Not only does it come in a gorgeous carrying case, there’s some room for additional brushes too!


The set includes (from top):
  • Powder brush
  • Small contour brush
  • Fan brush
  • Blending shadow brush
  • Precision shadow brush
  • Smudge brush
  • Angled liner brush
  • Brow comb/brush
I bought one additional blush brush – seriously, ALL my brushes needed to be replaced! 


These brushes are really high quality for the price and I love that they came with a carrying case! If you’re looking to update your brush collection, this might be a good place to start!


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